Harry Hart Archives


Neva Livingston, Lawrence High School student of Todd Poteet
Katie Eller, Shawnee Heights High School student of Avery Ayers-Berry
Sydney Laster, Washburn Rural High School student of Brad LeDuc


2023 Harry Hart Memorial Senior Scholarship Awards
Jaucilyn Arredondo, Kiowa County High School, student of Lori Wade
Tyler Lemke, Washburn Rural High School, student of Theresa Shetler
Lee Wolgast, Washburn Rural High School, student of Brad LeDuc


Ceramic bust sculpture titled Lost Boy
Coryn Badley from Winfield High School- student of Emily Vaughn

Still life with boots, art supplies, glasses, books, and a rose
Emma Blough from Moundridge High School- student of Kelsi Chisholm

Artwork depicting a frog being disected
Wavery Altis from DeSoto High School- student of Timothy Mispagel


Scratchboard image of water pouring out of a water bottle
Anna Popp of Great Bend High School, student of Jennifer Christiansen
Titled You Can't Pour From an Empty Cup, this artwork depicts a rooster in human clothing holding a cup
Jennifer Montaque of Seaman High School, student of Brad LeDuc


Wesley Schmoe, Lawrence High School
Erica Hoelting, DeSoto High School


Monika Raye, Jackson Heights High School
Wyatt Carson, Lawrence High School


 Maddison Mullen from Maize High School          Gabby Gillespie from Blue Valley Northwest High School



Clare Fallon, Washburn Rural High School              Branden Lawless from Derby High School 


 Ahna Valdez from Olathe East High School             Aric Zillinger from Washburn Rural High School


Miranda Pratt from Lawrence High School           Madeline Smith from Washburn Rural High School



Ally Davis from Winfield High School                          Haven Bradbury from Uniontown High School


Lindsay Ford of Lawrence High School                 Theresa Wolfff from Northeast Magnet High School


Janessa                                                                             Tamara Cummings


Samantha Levine, Blue Valley High School           Michelle Willard, Shawnee Mission Northwest High School

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