Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Awards Nominations Due Soon!

All KAEA Awards nominations are due to awards@kaea.com by July 1st! Check out all of the awards for which you can nominate, including the new Ad Astra per Aspera award!

This year in addition to nominations from members, KAEA is accepting nominations from principals and superintendents (or similar supervisory positions) to nominate outstanding art teachers within their districts. 

KAEA Art Enhancer Awards Nomination
This award recognizes the exemplary contributions of individuals, groups, institutions, or businesses which have significantly enhanced art education or art in their community.

Please note that ALL applications must be submitted via email to the awards chair, awards@kaea.com, by July 1st.


Outstanding Art Educator of the Year Awards 

This award recognizes exemplary contributions, achievements, and service within the state of Kansas. Qualified applicants may represent Kansas in the Western Regional Division, NAEA, in the following categories: 
  • Outstanding Elementary Art Educator
  • Outstanding Middle Level Art Educator
  • Outstanding High School Art Educator
  • Outstanding K-12 Art Educator
  • Outstanding Art Educator- Higher Ed
  • Outstanding Retired Art Educator
  • Outstanding Art Educator- Administration/Supervision (does not have to be a KAEA member)
  • Outstanding Art Educator- Museum Education
  • Overall Outstanding Kansas Art Educator of the Year
Eligiblity: Active KAEA / NAEA members


Tips for being selected for a KAEA Outstanding Art Educator Award
  • present at a KAEA conference
  • be a mentor
  • submit information to the KAEA newsletter
  • serve on a curriculum committee 
  • chair a KAEA conference
  • win a prior KAEA award before submitting an “Overall” award application
  • serve on a KAEA committee 
  • serve on the KAEA board

Ad Astra per Aspera Award 

DESCRIPTION: This award recognizes the exemplary contributions of KAEA members who have significantly contributed to benefit the Kansas Art Education Association. Members are eligible to receive this award multiple times.


An individual who has:

-Extensively supported special projects or events of the KAEA

-Provided financial support for the organization

-Donated a unique contribution of time and energy to KAEA or its members.

-Provided services outside of normal expectations of KAEA board membership.


  • Award nomination form Click HERE to download or HERE to make a copy!
  • Cover letter of Nomination
  • Documentation supporting nominee’s contributions (please include a list and description of activities and projects)
  • Photograph of nominee

Please note that ALL applications must be submitted via email to the awards chair by July 1st

Fiber Fest 2023!

KAEA Fiber Fest was held last week in Great Bend. Lots of learning and comradery took place!

KAEA Mission Statement

KAEA is dedicated to the advancement of the human and cultural understanding through the study of art by providing opportunities for professional growth and development, exchange of knowledge and ideas, and service and leadership for the advancement of quality art education.