Sunday, April 17, 2022

Pre-Service Zoom

A white shape hangs in front of a teal background with the words attention pre-service Art educators! Zoom with us!

Attention pre-service Art teachers!

  • Do you have questions about student teaching?
  • Are you wondering what you may be asked in an interview?
  • Are you curious about what it's really like to be an art teacher?

Hang out with us on zoom and you will have a chance to hear from experienced art educators who will answer any questions you may have!

Please let us know which day/time would work best for you and we will send a link when we know the most popular time.

Access the form here:

You do not have to be a KAEA member to attend but we would love to have you as part of our organization!

Please share with all Pre-Service students--regardless of membership status!!

Feel free to participate in the zoom with a friend or a group!

Katie Morris



KAEA Summer Camp 2022

KAEA summer camp June 9 & 10 Newton and Halstead, Kansas

June 9 & 10, 2022
KAEA Summer Camp

Springdale Art & Nature Center, Halstead, KS and the Carriage Factory Art Gallery, Newton, KS!

Check out for more details!

Registration is now open! Click HERE to register.
Early-bird registration is $100.00 + supply fees for the workshop you select.  

All forms received before Friday May 20 will receive the Early-bird rate. Late registration is due by Monday May 30 and will be a fee of $120.00 + supply fees for the workshops you select.

If you are unable to attend both days, the workshop fee will be $60.00 + supply fees for the workshop you select.

We have three workshop options available but space is limited and workshops will be filled on a first come first served basis!

One hour of graduate credit will be available from Friends University for an additional fee of $85.00 made payable to Friends University when you use this link to register for the course.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Kansas Graduation Requirements Task Force

The Kansas Graduation Requirements Task Force is currently seeking stakeholder feedback. One of the considerations is to reduce the fine arts credit. All stakeholders are encouraged to fill out the feedback form that can be found here:

The survey will close April 15th so please do not delay!

Scroll down to the questions about if you think any courses should be added or dropped from the requirements. If you can think of classes you think are needed to be added to the graduation requirements, write those in. If you want to oppose the fine arts reduction or elimination, write that specifically.

The market value assets question, addresses skills needed for employment. We argue the arts build these skills. Arts are what make us human, what connects us all together.

The task force is reviewing what Kansas students need to receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for their next phase of life, not just college. Some case studies argued that PE and Fine Arts Credits hold them back from taking advanced classes, when in all actuality, the fine arts develop many 21st century skills which are important for all walks of life.

Photo of Katie and Elizabeth smiling in front of their presentation.
The embedded slides below show the presentation that KAEA president, Elizabeth Madden, and board member Katie Morris presented to the task force on March 31st, the last day of Youth Art Month.

Saturday, April 9, 2022

Call for Workshop Proposals KAEA 2022

ART Works logo with the words call for workshop proposals

We are hard at work on preparations for the upcoming Fall Conference set for
We are now accepting proposals for workshops
for the conference. Due by July 15th.
Rock Springs workshops are intensive two-day hands-on workshops designed to give participants a deep dive into media and techniques.
To access the form click on the link below.
(Open in Google docs and/or download)

Linda Nelson-Bova

KAEA Mission Statement

KAEA is dedicated to the advancement of the human and cultural understanding through the study of art by providing opportunities for professional growth and development, exchange of knowledge and ideas, and service and leadership for the advancement of quality art education.