Wednesday, January 15, 2020

2020 Youth Art Month Details

We hope that you were as excited as we are with the changes that we have made and continue to make for the Kansas Art Education Association's Youth Art Month Exhibit and Celebration!!!!!

Our venue changed to the "Alice Sabatini Gallery in the Topeka Shawnee County Public Library" and will once again take place there this year. However, the Gallery is under renovations this year and the actual exhibit will be outside of the gallery in the lobby and library--but, will still be professionally displayed by the gallery personnel!

Our exhibit time frame will once again go from the ONE DAY that we had become accustomed to to a FULL MONTH!!! The artwork will be professionally shown and will be available for viewing the entire time to make it more convenient for families to see the show!

We will still have our Celebration/Reception/Awards on the last day of the exhibit.
We will be able to present our recognition awards in an auditorium!!

Watch our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for exciting news about our Keynote speaker for this year's YAM Celebration!!

Our Youth Art Month Art Competition for member's students will be sponsored by BLICK Art Materials this year and will again be entered and judged digitally with the work also being physically shown in the Youth Art Month Exhibit.
KAEA and BLICK will be working together to provide awards/prizes to the student of the "Best of Show" artwork as well as materials prizes for other students and their teachers! Don't miss out on this opportunity for your student!

We hope that all of you will join us in celebrating Youth Art Month in Kansas!

Important Dates to remember:

January 1
Start making local plans for Youth Art Month

February 20
LAST DAY to deliver YAM Artwork to your area YAM volunteer

February 22
LAST DAY to deliver YAM Artwork to the Sabatini Gallery.
All artwork must be received by 6:00 pm for it to be
included in the show! This includes any mailed work!
Please plan ahead to make sure that it is received on time.

February 24
LAST DAY for KAEA members to e-mail your submissions
into the BLICK Art Materials YAM Art Competition.

February 25-March 22
Youth Art Month Exhibit—Shawnee County Topeka
Public Library

March 22
Youth Art Month Celebration/Reception & Awards 1-2:30

March 26-28
National Art Education Association Convention, Minneapolis
National Youth Art Month Exhibit

All information can be found on the KAEA Website at:

YAM Co-chairs
Lynn Felts:
Linda Nelson-Bova:

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