Virtual Conference Schedule and Sessions

Session Descriptions are posted below the schedule along with materials for hands-on workshops.

    • Pre-Conference- Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Coffee & Convos

      • 8-9am

      • Bring forward concerns from local districts & strategize with like-minded EDI folx to find solutions that make sense in our schools

    • Welcome

      • 9-9:10

      • Announcements/upcoming events

      • Book club

    • Session 1

      • 9:10-10:00

      • School Murals

      • 40 minutes

    • Session 2

      • 10-10:55

      • Providing Recognition & Reinforcing Effort with Strategic Seating charts

      • 55 minutes

    • Session 3

      • 11-11:55

      • Miniature Books Jewelry Workshop

      • 55 minutes

    • Division meetings

      • 12:00-1:00

      • Lunch- eat and collaborate with other members

    • Session 4

      • 1:00-1:40

      • Virtual tour: Personal Portraits

      • 40 minutes

    • Session 5

      • 1:45-2:15

      • Take Your Art Room Abroad! 

      • 30 minutes

    • Session 6

      • 2:15-2:45

      • STEAM Origami

      • 30 minutes

    • Closing/Social

      • 2:45-3:30

      • Grab a beverage and snack for a social where we can discuss while creating!

      • ATC Swap

2023 Virtual Spring PD Session Descriptions




School Murals

Presenter: Katie Morris

Ever thought about painting a mural with your students? This session will include things to consider and tips for making it happen from the planning stage to the actual painting.


Providing Recognition & Reinforcing Effort with Strategic Seating charts

Presenter: Alyssa Passmore

Teachers will learn about developmentally appropriate feedback, best practice for demos and strategic seating charts to support engagement.

Your class seating chart and classroom layout.

Miniature Books Jewelry Workshop

Presenter: Natalie Brown

Work along with this demonstration to make your own mini accordion books for earrings and pendants! These are simple to make with materials you have around the house and can actually be drawn in when finished!

Decorative paper, drawing/ plain paper, elmer's glue or mod podge, paintbrush, tag board or a scrap of thin mat board, ruler, exacto knife, thin wire (18-20 gauge), pliers/ wire cutters and/or jewelry findings, any mini embellishments desired.

Virtual tour: Personal Portraits

Presenter: Karen Gerety-Folk

Join the Curator of Education for an exploration of contemporary art at the Nerman Museum. Learn more about a diverse selection of artists and challenge yourself to look closely like never before. Bring a personal family snapshot to collage and your preferred sketching supplies to connect with the artwork through a personal creation.

Sketchbook or paper, personal printed selfie or family snapshot to collage (glue stick or tape), any drawing media

Take Your Art Room Abroad!

Presenter: Casi Short

Have you always wanted to travel abroad with students, but need some help with logistics? In this session I’ll share how I’ve traveled to several countries with my students. From the company I use, to engaging students and parents, to pitching a program to your admin and board, to what to pack. Travel abroad will change your students, and the way you teach. This IS something you can do!

No supplies needed.

STEAM Origami Boats

Presenter: Katie Morris

Learn how to fold an origami boat and how to turn it into a STEAM activity testing buoyancy!

Origami paper (or thin square paper), modeling clay and tub of water optional

Artist Trading Cards

Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) are miniature works of art (2.5 x 3.5 inches), usually done on card stock, that are traded between artists. They can be about anything and made with any media, materials, or techniques. They can be produced as one-of-a-kind originals, in limited editions, or in a series based on a particular theme or subject. Bring materials to make 3 artist trading cards with the theme “LOVE”. At the conclusion of the event you will mail your three cards to Alyssa Passmore with a self addressed, stamped envelope in order to receive 3 cards back - Cards must be sent by the end of February!

2.5x3.5 inch blank cards from sturdy paper, media of choice: drawing, painting, collage materials (must be thin enough to fit insiden a trading card sleeve)

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