Virtual Conference Schedule and Sessions






Live: EDI Pre-Conference

Coffee & Conversations

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion conversation, explanation of liaison role

Optional Session but we’d love to see you!



Live: Welcome & Conference Kick Off

Conference and KAEA announcements, How to navigate the conference, and kick-off!



Live Session: Jody Boyer- “Artist-Teacher versus Teacher-Artist: Creating Space and Time for your Artistic Practice as an Art Teacher”

Pre-Recorded: Available on Google Classroom

Jody has successfully created a personal ritual that includes a daily art practice in addition to her roles as an educator and Ed. D candidate. In this session she will focus on creating space and time for your artistic practice as an art teacher.



Live session: Karen Gerety Folk- “Virtual Tour: Contemporary Art Connections”

Pre-Recorded: Available on Google Classroom

Join the Curator of Education for an exploration of engaging online tour possibilities at the Nerman Museum. Learn more about a diverse selection of artists and challenge yourself to look closely like never before. Bring your preferred sketching supplies to experience the artwork through a personal creation.

Materials Needed: paper or sketchbook, pencil or any preferred drawing materials



Live Lunch Chat

hang out with other attendees on Zoom for fellowship and problem solving while we eat lunch!



Live Session: Alyssa Passmore- “Cultural Appropriation in Art Education”


Pre-Recorded: Available on Google Classroom

Teachers will discuss cultural appropriation definitions, consider the impact on students, learn about the “AIR” model discussed in NAEA webinar, and analyze lessons to make them more authentic. 



Live Session: Lori Santos- “Art 4PEACE/ Concentric Storytelling: Place, Identity, Environment” 

Pre-Recorded: Available on Google Classroom 

Create a puzzle piece 4PEACE. Come learn how you can be a part of the next puzzle piece pledge project mural. Learn about using artivism in your classroom to promote action for sustainable peace. /Create a concertina mini book and explore storytelling techniques that nurture the creative senses.

Materials needed:Markers, colored pencils, crayons, and a print out of a puzzle piece template (this will be emailed to participates)6 - 8” x 8” inch squares of heavyweight drawing paper, drawing materials of your choice, stick glue, 24” strip of ribbon, 2 - 4 1/2” x 4 1/2” squares of mat board, heaven weight watercolor paper, chip board or something similar, random magazines and scraps of paper for collage 



Live: Social Send-Off

Live games & social time to reflect on the day!

Pre-Recorded Sessions (available on Google Classroom during & after conference):

ACTE, Indigenous Pedagogy, and Native Artists

Presenter:Lori Santos

Format: Pre-Recorded

Teachers will explore how to use the art of living Native artists and tenets of Indigenous Pedagogy to bring lessons of awareness, conversation, transformation and empowerment to their classroom. Examples of K-12 lessons will be shared. 

Materials Needed: None


Anti-Racist Art Teaching

Presenter:Alyssa Passmore

Format: Pre-Recorded

Moving from inclusivity to anti-racist in curriculum and classroom practices, this video was recorded as a follow up to Representation Matters- a session I presented in 2019 which is also included via video. The goal of this session is to push you to examine your own practices, beliefs and ideals.

Materials Needed: None

A Stitch In Time

Presenter:Mary Ure

Format: Pre-Recorded

Explore the use of embroidery and fiber art in the art classroom. We will make a simple project that can be used in k-12 classrooms.

Materials Needed: 4 x 6 piece of burlap, 4x6 piece of white cotton fabric, 1 plastic needle, 1 embroidery needle, a small ball of yarn (any color), embroidery floss, red crayon, pencil, (additional yarn and cotton fabric remnants)




Creating Buildable and Flexible Sketchbooks on a Budget

Presenter:Carlyn Apley

Format: Pre-Recorded

Learn about how we use sketchbooks in the classroom that are made with cheap materials and customizable to individuals and classes! No longer will students be scared to work in their sketchbooks and you will have a way to reuse those paper and mat board scraps laying around! Also learn how I create handouts and worksheets that fit into the sketchbook!

Materials Needed: None


Design Techniques with Slips and Underglazes

Presenter:Natalie Brown

Format: Pre-Recorded

This video will feature several techniques for decoration on raw (unfired) ceramic ware including slip trailing, transfer, sgraffito, mishima (inlay), resist techniques and more!

Materials Needed: Clay and colored or regular slip will be utilized in the demonstration.


Dip Your Toes or Dive In- Introduction to Teaching for Artistic Behavior and My Transition to TAB

Presenter:Katie Morris 

Format: Pre-Recorded

TAB and Choice-Based art can be equal parts intriguing and intimidating. Some even think “impossible”! I will share an overview of the pedagogy and talk about my journey. I will share questions that I initially had about TAB and the answers that I found through networking and personal experience, talk about how I transitioned, and how TAB is more of a mindset than a one size fits all approach.

Materials Needed: None


Kiln Basics- Loading, Firing Schedules and Maintenance

Presenter:Natalie Brown

Format: Pre-Recorded

I will go over basics for those new to kiln firing- the different kiln components, how to load ware, programming firing schedules, and some basic kiln maintenance. Tips and tricks for the beginner and established teachers!

Materials Needed: None


Non-Objective, Mixed Media

Presenter:Lynn Felts

Format: Pre-Recorded

Demonstration, application and examining techniques for creating a dynamic, piece of non-objective art making use of a variety of media.

Materials Needed: 1. One or several old canvases or canvas boards you’ve gessoed for repurposing, Small container of spackling and tools to apply it with such as: palette knifes, puddy knives, scrapers, old combs, ect ,Bottle and plastic lids various sizes to spackle around, Masking tape in various widths, Glue bottle, Spray bottle, Various acrylic paints and brushes,  Hair dryer, Other items you may want to affix



Plains Ledger Art & Personal Expression Through Mixed Media Artwork

Presenter:Katie Morris 

Format: Pre-Recorded

learn about the history and characteristics of Plains Indians Ledger Art as well as contemporary ledger artists. This lesson was originally taught to 2nd graders but the presenter will share ideas for adapting for other grade levels. The hands-on portion is about visually documenting events in your life

Materials Needed: Paper/Matboard/Canvas for base, variety of "found" papers, personal ephemera, glue, choice of drawing or painting materials


Paper Lithography Techniques

Presenter:Brian Hutchinson

Format: Pre-Recorded

This workshop presents and demonstrates new techniques in Lithography that has allowed artists like myself to engage in the time honored and laborious medium without the need for expensive presses, chemicals, stones, or plates. Paper Lithography is a technique that I have researched over the past year and a half as I have continued to search for non-traditional printmaking techniques that can be performed by hand.

Materials Needed: Photocopies on thick bond paper (24-26 is best), gum arabic, burnt plate oil, oil based lithography ink, speedball brayers (the cheaper and worn, the better), ink knives, two spray bottles, sponges, printing paper (thicker is better, hot press watercolor, BFK etc.) extra clean brayers or hand baren, and lots of extra newsprint. Clean up involves razor knives, vegetable oil, rags, and glass cleaner. Glass or thick plexiglas can be used as an ink slab.



"This or That" Art Awareness Discussion

Presenter:Sabina Bolinger

Format: Pre-Recorded

This session would describe an art awareness discussion style that I've used this year in the elementary through high school setting. I've used it to introduce different artist, art careers, and even environmental issues. This discussion is introduced through the popular social media "this or that" comparison question. 

Materials Needed: None



"Traditional, Tradigital, and Digital Projects for Helping Students Process Pandemic Thoughts, Emotions, and Experiences”

Presenter:Dr.Trina Harlow

Format: Pre-Recorded

In this session, the pillars of social emotional learning will be discussed. Attendees will be given ideas for traditional art projects, tradigital art project that utilize traditional art media and digital media in the same project, and digital project ideas for giving students opportunities to tell their pandemic tales of story, emotion, thought, and feeling in an effort to assist with pandemic healing and wellness.

Materials Needed: None


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