Sponsors & Vendors

The Kansas Art Education Association is a not-for-profit (501)(c)(3) association, which seeks to promote the enhancement of art education. Members of the KAEA, are professional art educators who seek to learn ways to improve art education for students, content that is important to students, and for products that will help them do their job well.

1. You can communicate with this group by sponsoring printed publications. 
2. You can communicate with this group by sponsoring on-line publications. 
3. You can promote your product and/or teacher resources by purchasing a table at the association’s yearly conference, which brings together art educators from throughout the state.

Contact COMMERCIAL LIAISON Lynn Felts/ lynnfelts@cox.net with vendor questions, newsletter content information or questions.

KAEA Mission Statement

KAEA is dedicated to the advancement of the human and cultural understanding through the study of art by providing opportunities for professional growth and development, exchange of knowledge and ideas, and service and leadership for the advancement of quality art education.